9 Uses for Acrylic Plastics That You Didn’t Know About

9 Uses for Acrylic Plastics That You Didn’t Know About

Acrylic plastic, the material used in lighting diffusers, has hundreds of thousands of uses. From everyday products to retail environments, consumer electronics, cars, boats, and aircraft; this strong plastic is highly dependable.

Why Is Acrylic So Important?

An extremely versatile material, diffuser acrylic sheet is often chosen for its durability, impact, strength, color and pattern possibilities. You’ll find that acrylic sheet is almost everywhere.

Even things you might not expect like the “glass” on your cellphone and your car windows may also be acrylic, chosen for high impact strength and low weight. And because a mirrored finish can be applied to acrylic sheet, it can even be used for your side view and rear view mirrors.

The acrylic sheet has astounding transparency, almost like glass as mentioned.  If fluorescent lights light the room you’re in, the diffusing panel that hides the bulbs is probably made from acrylic. Because it can be formed to nearly any shape, acrylic is common in public places like stores and malls – the signs you read, point-of-purchase displays that grab your attention and the jewelry cases that protect watches and rings are all made using acrylic.

A Few Unconventional Uses For Acrylic Plastics

acrylic glass

substitute for acrylic glass

aeroplane canopy

aeroplane canopies

bomber plane

military bomber planes




helmet visors


bulletproof panels


corneal replacement


water resistant paints


fiber optics

Acrylic Lenses

The durability and strength of acrylic plastic makes it the ideal material for fluorescent light lenses. It has a unique way of softening the harsh light emitted from fluorescent bulbs, by distributing the light over an even space. A few of the most common ways we use acrylic are in everyday spaces like grocery stores, schools and doctors offices. Learn more about acrylic light lenses and order your desired quantity online, right here. If we don’t have the size you need, we’ll make it!


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