5 Throwback and Progressive Lighting Trends

5 Throwback and Progressive Lighting Trends

2014 was a great year for lighting trends in and around the house. Focus steered away from bedrooms and other shared areas and concentrated on often overlooked ones like the kitchen and bathroom. The wide adoption and use of social media sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram also fueled massive DIY (do it yourself) trends using atypical and recycled items. As the web becomes more integrated and ideas become easier to spread we should see more of the same in 2015. However, there are early signs as to where lighting design will go this year.

1. LED Lights

These wonders of science have taken the lighting industry by storm. Usually found in flashlights and other small portable lights, they’ve now gone mainstream and can be found in homes and businesses the world over. Their main benefit is their incredibly low energy usage and extremely long lifespan. You can literally save hundreds of dollars on your electric bill by making the switch.

2. Multiple Pendants

Pendants hang down from a fixed filament or open-air cord. There are limitless styles to create and choose from. A practical benefit of pendant lighting is that you can focus the light on a very specific spot rather than bathing the whole room in light. Grouping pendants together can create a wonderful effect when offset.

3. Chandeliers

Once representative of privilege and swanky living, chandeliers have cast off their elitist stigma and are making a comeback as elegantly tasteful lighting centerpieces. An added benefit to chandeliers is that if well-made they can retain or even increase in value. Consider it a lighting investment.

4. Shower Lighting

Bathroom lighting takes an even more focused approached and turns to the shower. Rather than flicking bright overhead fixtures, an ambient shower light can create a relaxing mood while you’re taking a hot shower and unwinding at the end of a long day.

5. Integrated Lighting

Taking a cue from the shower lights is a new trend known as integrated lighting. People are putting lights inside cabinets, building them into shelves, stairs, and other nooks and crannies. This creates a surprisingly cool effect.

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