Finding the Right Light Covers for Your Business

naturalux fluorescent lighting filters

Did you know that ordering the just the right light covers and lenses can literally increase the work productivity and sales of your business?

Although shopping for diffusers can seem like a tedious process because you have to consider all of the shapes and sizes, ordering them has never been easier with the help of the lighting experts at Diffuser Specialist. Their expertise and experience make it simple to find the right light covers that will work wonders for your business. Contact us today for your order, or place a wholesale order now!

How Businesses are Saving Big with Eggcrates & Louvers


Successful business owners are always searching for innovative ways to keep their utility costs down in order to maximize profits. Providing cost-effective lighting is just one of the many challenges business owners face, and with so may lighting products on the market, it can be taxing in regard to narrowing them down and ordering the most cost-efficient options.


So, what is the best choice for diffusing light in a big space? Since a vast area requires more light to cover it, many lighting experts recommend installing Eggcrate Louvers. Eggcrate diffusers are not only one of the most economical options available on the market, but they are also lightweight, increase the life of ballasts and provide a modern look. This is why many contemporary businesses continue to opt for Eggcrate Louvers.


How do they work?


The air movement is all but unobstructed within Eggcrate diffusers, thus significantly increasing the lifespan of both the bulbs and ballasts. Also, since the heat is efficiently dissipated, Eggcrates work to eliminate glare and offer a clean architectural appearance.


Where can they be used?


From office buildings and schools to garages and gymnasiums, our panels are recommended for both commercial and residential locations that have a substantial amount of ceiling surface area. Offices that operate with a significant number of computer terminals should consider installing Louvers since they will help reduce surface brightness.



Your business can achieve soft light and savings with some of these products from Diffuser Specialist:


  • AL Series Straight Blade Aluminum – For use in Medical Facilities, Department Stores, Commercial and Municipal Buildings, Entries and Corridors, Perimeter Lighting, Elevators, Banks and Restrooms


  • ParaLite 1-5— Perfect for office environments, task areas, elevators, conference rooms, corridors, medical facilities, auditoriums, perimeter lighting, retail stores and banks.


  • Plastic Louvers 45 1/2 & 45 3/8 – Suitable for conference rooms, commercial and municipal buildings, entries and corridors, perimeter areas and computer rooms.



The use of these products can help you effectively distribute light over large spaces to create a professional and modern looking environment.


Vapor Tights: Protection From the Elements


As a business owner, protecting your property against the elements can also be a struggle that never seems to end. Since light bulbs and ballasts are just one of the business expenses that continue to inflate over time, owners are frequently searching for ways to protect these investments against elements such as inclement weather, moisture, chemicals and a variety of other detrimental factors they are exposed to.


A common problem…


Humidity and dust are two of the worst enemies that fluorescent bulbs can be exposed to. Although neither of them can technically gain entry into the bulbs, these elements can be destructive to the ends of the bulbs. Prolonged humidity can lead to corrosion of the metal contact points of fluorescent bulbs. How will you know if the contact points have been compromised? If your fluorescent lights start to flicker constantly, or there is a delay turning them on, then the contact points are most likely already deteriorating.


Finding a permanent solution…


Sure, you can simply remove any of the flickering lights and attempt to clean the contacts in an effort to fix the problem. However, in spite of the fact that this might work for a brief period of time, it’s only a temporary solution. So, are there any lasting solutions that will work to protect the lights you have in and around your business? Business owners seeking a way to save on time and frustration that comes from frequently cleaning those contact points have been opting for Vapor Tight enclosures because they provide 100% dust and moisture resistance.


Diffuser Specialist offers one of the most extensive selections of vapor tights and accessories on the market. If you’re having a difficult time finding an enclosure that will fit a strip light in your business, then we recommend our universal enclosure complete with gaskets that will work to transform any of your lights into Vapor Tight light diffusers.


Here are some of the common business types and locations that benefit from installing vapor tight lenses:


  • food processing facilities
  • commercial buildings
  • breweries
  • industrial buildings,
  • sports facilities
  • livestock containment units
  • parking garages
  • outdoor walkways
  • under awnings
  • Laundromats
  • locker rooms
  • road tunnels
  • car washes
  • waste water treatment plants
  • cruise ships


Vapor Tights are available in 2ft, 4ft and 8 ft enclosures with specialty sizes available upon request.



Remaining Proactive with Tube Guards

Since fluorescent lamps certainly aren’t immune from breakage, they can send shards of glass raining down across the floor of your business when they do shatter. It’s an inherent danger that poses a risk to not only to your customers, but also the employees. So, are there any preventative actions that you can take in an effort to protect everybody?


Staying Proactive…


Unless you can forecast the future, it’s impossible to predict when and where a fluorescent light will break. From dirt and dust to bugs and other flying insects, a variety of factors can cause a light to rupture. Given these circumstances, many business owners partner with Diffuser Specialist to guard against these dangers by ordering and installing tube guards sleeves. These sleeves will retain any shattered glass from your fluorescent light fixtures and work to protect people who may be walking or standing underneath of them.


Many business owners reap the financial benefits upon installing tube guards because they also work to minimize lamp replacement costs. In addition to a variety of custom color options, tube guards are also available in these standard colors: clear, blue, royal blue, red, green, hot pink, purple, smoke, yellow, bug yellow, and amber. Here are some additional safety options that can be used with tube guards:


  • Heat Sink Screens – Helps keep heat from building up in tubes.
  • End Caps – Replace old, broken or missing endcaps.
  • Freezer Endcaps – Used in commercial freezer applications.
  • Safety Lock – Locks your lamps in place so they won’t fallout from vibration or being hit.


Contact Diffuser Specialist to inquire about Specialty Tube Guards light covers, available in all sizes. These sleeves accomplish everything from light output regulation to blocking UV rays.


Healthy Lighting 101


In addition to traditional wage increases, there may be a new way for business owners to boost the work productivity of their employees. If your employees and customers are constantly complaining about headaches, then it’s you might want to consider the health impacts of fluorescent lighting.


Did you know that experts and health officials revealed a link between florescent lighting and a disruption of the body’s circadian rhythm? This disruption can impact the balance of hormones (cortisol & melatonin) in the body resulting in negative health effects such as headaches, fatigue and weight gain. Further, fluorescent lighting emits up to 30 times more UVB radiation than the sun, thus increasing complications in people with sensitive skin.


Dealing with a painful nuisance…


The only healthy alternative to any artificial lighting such as fluorescents is to harness natural lighting. However, since lighting an entire business with natural light isn’t very practical, many owners are forced to opt for the most economical method available which happens to be fluorescent light. So, are there any solutions to combat the negative effects related to fluorescents?


Yes, thanks to light-filtering safety sleeves that not only work to reduce the glare, but also void any UV radiation emitted from fluorescents. Here are some of the businesses that started using NaturaLux™ filters and reported fewer headaches, less fatigue and increased productivity among their employees:


  • doctors offices
  • schools
  • supermarkets
  • manufacturing facilities
  • warehouses


NaturaLux™ filters are marketed and distributed by Diffuser Specialist in San Antonio, Texas. Nick Griffin, a member of their sales team recently said, “We’re not experts in the medical science, but the testimonials and letters are so heartfelt, and they motivate us to continue to encourage people to try them and experience the difference.”





Time for a Lighting Makeover

Lighting is one of the most important factors in regard to creating a welcoming environment in a home or business. As a business owner, making customers feel comfortable starts with the environment around them and could mean the difference between making a big sale, or losing a loyal client.


Globe lighting is becoming a popular option in homes and commercial spaces around the world. Here are some globe lighting options that you’ll find on the market:


  • Screw Necks
  • No Necks
  • Fitted & Twist Lock Necks
  • Custom Necks


Available in all shapes and sizes, light cover globes will work to fix an all too common problem in the office. Since a majority of commercial building are equipped with fluorescent crate covers, the light is only sent up or down in one direction. But, what if there was a way to disperse the light more evenly throughout any given area?


Globe covers work to distribute light more effectively and efficiently throughout a room. They also make great interior design accessories by replacing those standard fluorescent grate covers typically made of plastic or metal.


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