Simple Lighting Solution That Ups Your Home Value

Simple Lighting Solution That Ups Your Home Value

Do you have a home currently on the market or one that you’re planning to sell? If so, have you considered the impact that lighting can have on your home’s value? Adding energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, simple lighting solution is a great way to accent some of the architectural features of your home, and a major selling point for houses on the market. We’ve put together a list of home lighting improvements that are easy, affordable and help increase the value of your property.

What Do We Know About Real Estate?

Not nearly as much as we know about lighting. That’s why we reached out to experienced Realtor Katie Ross to share some of her thoughts on home lighting and real estate for a simple lighting solution.

“Lighting can have a huge impact on resale as well as enjoyment and ambiance in everyday living. You may not realize the impact that lighting has on your daily life. The glare from harsh lighting or the strain of your eyes from lighting that is too dim can affect your health, your mood and your attitude without you even knowing it.”

Katie touched on some of the common lighting concerns that home buyers have had in her 14 plus years of experience in real estate.

“Many buyers are concerned about natural lighting. Opening window coverings and letting natural light in makes a home show fresh and clean as opposed to dark and dreary. If your home does not lend itself to natural lighting, or as a supplement to the natural light, fixtures and canisters can be installed to improve the functionality of your environment. A bright, open feel is what is appealing to many of today’s buyers and lighting cannot be overlooked when marketing your home for sale.”

Accent Your Space With Natural Lighting

As Katie mentioned, buyers are more impressed with natural looking interior lighting. If you have outdated light fixtures in your home, this simple lighting solution could be a make or break for home buyers looking for that natural light.

light bulbsStep 1

Check the color rendering index and color temperature of your bulbs. The CRI should be clearly listed on the label before you purchase your new bulbs at around 100%. You’ll also want to make sure that the color temperature, cool or warm, works well within your particular space to make the room more functional and visually pleasing.

For example: you wouldn’t want a cool color temperature in a living room or dining room designed to be warm and inviting to guests. Just like you wouldn’t want inefficient color rendering in spaces designed to accent a painting or other wall art.

light covers bathroomStep 2

Make sure the lighting in the room is properly diffused for functionality. Light lenses can help spaces where you need an even distribution of light. If you have an old lens, one of the easiest ways to help the look and feel of your room is to replace it. Let no bulb go uncovered!

exterior lightingStep 3

Depending on your budget and the amount of time you have, landscape lighting may be the perfect addition to your homes overall lighting. Make sure you apply the two steps above to your exterior lamps as well. Look at your landscape and porch lighting like it’s the first impression. For a lot of home buyers, it is!


About the contributor: Katie Ross is a third generation Realtor with over 14 years of experience with RE/MAX Associates in San Antonio, TX. She belongs to a network of agents in North America who promote themselves to work by referral. If you need assistance with real estate services and would like a recommendation to an agent in your area please contact Katie at Please also visit her website at for more information on staging your home for sale.

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