3 Lighting Fails Ruining the Feng Shui in your Home

3 Lighting Fails Ruining the Feng Shui in your Home

These are the three seemingly obvious lighting problems that are more common in homes and offices across the U.S than you would think.  

old incandescent bulb

Problem 1: Incandescent Bulbs

Why are people still using incandescent bulbs? It might be that familiar glow that reminds you of your grandfathers desk lamp or the the old hanging barn light that reminds you of your child hood. The problem with incandescent bulbs is that they use up all of the energy through a heated coil, giving off more heat than light. Many of the bare incandescent bulbs still hanging in garages and low traffic areas of the house are most likely not put there for an aesthetic purposes, which would be fine if they had any practical use. Switch the old incandescents out for fluorescents, and save a little more each month in energy costs.  

uncovered light fixture

Problem 2: Uncovered Bulbs

Unless you have an interrogation room, why would you leave your fixtures with bare bulbs uncovered? Old fixtures have a certain quality, I agree, especially antiques. But, diffusers and plastic light filters are not hard to come by these days. in fact, if you have an old fixture that you’re really attached to you don’t even have to replace it. We can custom produce a plastic light cover to fit any fixture. This will solve your issues with glare, as well as your keen eye for lighting aesthetic. Check it out.  

exposed wires light bulb

Problem 3: Exposed Wires

If you really want to throw off the feng shui, leave your electrical wires exposed. We see this a lot with dining room chandeliers. I actually don’t even know how to describe whats going on in the picture above, but whatever it is, it’s not good. There are many solutions your electrician can offer, when it comes to covering wires. Talk to an expert immediately if your experiencing this issue. 

These are very basic problems with very basic solutions. Contact us today and let’s talk about some solutions to you’re lighting fails. 😉

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